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    • Danny Batten
    • Danny Batten

    Danny Batten

    65.8 Kg - Feather Weight

    Tai Kwon Do - FIrst Degree Black Belt.

    Spirit Combat Ju jitsu - First Degree Black Belt.

    Thai Boxing - Black Grade.

    First Person Ever To Receive a Shin Sen Jutsu Black Belt Under Lee Hasdell.

    BJJ Black Belt Under 10x World Champion Roger Gracie.

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    • Lukasz Klinger

    Lukasz Klinger

    93.0 Kg - Light Heavyweight

    MMA, BJJ, Boxing and Muay Thai
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    • Tom Mearns

    Tom Mearns

    65.8 Kg

    Tom Means is a 25 year old professional mma fighter from Milton Keynes who is currently singed to Bellator MMA

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  • Damian Koryga

    77.0 Kg

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