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    • Danny Batten
    • Danny Batten

    Danny Batten

    65.8 Kg - Feather Weight

    Tai Kwon Do - FIrst Degree Black Belt.

    Spirit Combat Ju jitsu - First Degree Black Belt.

    Thai Boxing - Black Grade.

    First Person Ever To Receive a Shin Sen Jutsu Black Belt Under Lee Hasdell.

    BJJ Black Belt Under 10x World Champion Roger Gracie.

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    • Lukasz Klinger

    Lukasz Klinger

    93.0 Kg - Light Heavyweight

    MMA, BJJ, Boxing and Muay Thai
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    • Tom Mearns

    Tom Mearns

    65.8 Kg

    Tom Means is a 25 year old professional mma fighter from Milton Keynes who is currently singed to Bellator MMA

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    • Modestas Bukauskas

    Modestas Bukauskas

    93.0 Kg

    Modestas started training as a young boy under the tutelage of his father Gintas Bukauskas former no holds barred champion of the Soviet Union,

    Already well rounded MMA fighter training from an early age under the tutelage if his father Giants Bukauskas (a former Soviet Union no holds bared champion) Modestas travels 50 miles 3-4 times a week to train with the Bst team

    Modestas is one of the hottest prospects in uk MMA Modestas has a wealth of experience in MMA being a part of many the worlds best fighters training camps such as Roger Graice, Andre Arlovski and Jon Jones,

    3x world Kickboxing champion                                                                                               NoGi British absolute champion (purple belt)

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    • Jordan Vucenic

    Jordan Vucenic

    66.0 Kg

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    • Luke Shanks

    Luke Shanks

    57.0 Kg

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  • Damian Koryga

    77.0 Kg

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  • Jefferson George

    70.0 Kg

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  • Hayley Valetine

    47.0 Kg

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  • Ndue Lleshi

    61.0 Kg

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