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BST have a range of facilities to help to train and be the best you can be, however long and hard the road may be.  Training aids, nutritional supplements, coaches, changing facilities and a FREE gym to compliment or diverse range of fighting disciplines.


  • Changing facilities

    Private changing facilities

    Clean and originally designed, our changing facilities are perfect to have up your gloves and clean up in privacy.
  • Private showers

    Private showers

    To compliment our private changing facilities, a changing room would not be complete without private showers!  Clean and cosy.
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    Free WIFI

    Dare to go offline for a while? If not don't worry, we have you covered.  Use our free WIFI to stay connected, check your emails, place a bid, update your status or post a tweet!
  • Focus mitts

    Focus Mitts

    BST, among our range of facilities, provide focus mitts to help hone your skills.  Sparring partner required!
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    Nutritional consultants

    BST can advise on the best nutritional program to follow - the best foods to eat and supplements to take to get the best out of your body and fitness.
  • Punching bags

    Punching bags

    BST have an area dedicated to punching bags.  Come and let off some steam or hone your fighting skills.
  • Car Park

    Free car park

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    Nutritional supplements

    We can recommend and supply nutritional supplements from our on-premises cafe.
  • 5m ring

    5m fight ring

    Our fight ring is top of the range.  Many battles have been fought, won and lost in our 5m cage!  Come and train with or challenge an opponent today.

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