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Jan 7, 2015, 12:19 PM
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    MMA Gym Northampton

    The BST MMA Academy is located at Bostock House, Gambrel Road, Northampton, NN5 5DJ. It all started with keen martial artists wanting to offer a wider range of styles at affordable prices, allowing all walks of life, age and cultural background to have the chance to learn and achieve in martial arts.

    We have a designated area for 14 martial arts, which you can find more information hereWe now offer a FREE women's self defence class, to help women gain confidence and safety awareness run by Claire Reilly.

    We aim to promote Martial Arts to the younger community too with 8 Junior systems, looking out for natural talents. BST financially backs these students giving them the best chance to get them to the highest level possible.we have also trained them to become coaches. We also make our martial arts classes open to people with disabilities and boost one of the best MMA fighters with cerebral palsy in the country.

    BST Academy has already had much success with a number of MMA fighters being contracted with some of the largest promotions in the world. The fighters not only have great martial arts training but the facilities too at BST MMA Gym. For after training, there is a sauna and steam room with hot and cold showers all to help with weight cutting when the fighters are getting ready to fight.

    Our MMA gym is run by 12 coaches, some being World Champions and there after producing World Champions. But, we are not here only for the already talented or competitive, we are here for the general public no matter of age, ability or cultural background. We are a place for building better health, better confidence and expanding new social aspects to your life!

    Danny Batten
    Head Coach/Friend

    New Gym Gallery

    With our state of the art new MMA Gym, we are proud to have invested in the latest training equipment. With one of the largest gyms in the UK, you will find full training facilities to suite all your MMA training needs


    At BST, we not only try our best to ensure our facilities are first rate, we also make sure they look good!  A lot of time has gone into making our facility as original and welcoming as possible.  Below are just some of them or view our gallery here.

    • 5m fight ring
    • Nutritional supplements
    • Free car park
    • Punching bags
    • Nutritional consultants
    • Focus Mitts
    • Free WIFI
    • Private showers
    • Private changing facilities

    Meet our experts and trainers

    BST have found the best coaches and trainers to teach our diverse range of fighting disciplines.  Our coaches live and breath MMA - some have spent time in native countries seeking direction from some of the world's best fighters and teachers.

    They are friendly and welcoming and are committed to teaching in a safe and focused environment.  Don't get us wrong - if we see your potential, you will be pushed to unlock it!

    Meet the coaches

    A special thank you to all our sponsors and affiliates